STIMULUS CHECK UPDATE: Missing Checks, H&R Block, $484 Billion Signed! Includes $2000?

Date: 2020-04-26 18:45:01

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Stimulus Check Update April 26 News

Millions of Americans who used tax services such as H&R Block, Turbotax and others were at risk of missing out on their stimulus check deposits. This could be one possible reason many of you have yet to receive your payments if you used one of these tax services to file your 2019 taxes then the IRS need you would need to update your banking information using the Get My Payment Tool

The bill signed by President Donald Trump was not a part of the proposed $2000 monthly stimulus check. The $484 Billion Bill passed was part of the PPP Act Payment Protection Program for small businesses and fund hospitals during the corona virus, covid 19 pandemic crisis. They have hinted that they are working on rolling out other possible stimulus packages in the coming weeks.

Articles/ News Updates:
H&R Block Missing Payments
$484 Billion Stimulus Bill

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