How to Build a Responsive Opt in E-mail List with Pre-Programmed Newsletters

Date: 2019-12-29 06:59:07

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This video describes how to provide value to your subscribers by pre-writing e-mail newsletters and scheduling their distribution with an auto-responder.

If you’re in business on the Internet to make a profit, then you’re probably aware of how significant providing value to your list of prospects is to your success.

But what if you don’t want to spend countless hours each and every week promoting, writing and managing a continuous email publication?

You use an autoresponder to store a pre-written newsletter publication.
You can then let the autoresponder send out the pre-written issues to every one of your subscribers every week like clockwork.
It may seem like a lot of work, but the secret is using your time *wisely*. Sure, you can write an issue each week… but when time permits, you could set up 3 issues all at once, thus not needing to write anything for the next three weeks (assuming you set each issue to go out weekly).
If you have your material to source information from (such as your own info-products) then this strategy will come in very handy and free up a lot of your time.
Instead of being forced to write a newsletter issue on a weekly basis, you can in fact write each issue in your own time, and simply add it to autoresponder for your subscribers to receive when necessary.
The best part is that your subscribers always get to read all of your issues no matter when they subscribe. And after setting up a certain number of issues, you can decide to stop writing and follow what I call the “read as I write” routine, where there is no set interval for future issues.
Of course, you can write an issue every week, but you may be more comfortable sending out an email whenever you have something to say, or perhaps a new article to send.
Remember, despite what the gurus tell you, there are no golden rules when it comes to developing your email list.

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